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The Pluto File

A secret testing site, Maryland, September 1942: Steve Trevor and General Blankenship overview an outdoor test of the Pluto Project. Professor Warren, head of the project, assures the General that if his work is successful he will be able to locate earthquake sites years before the quakes occur, but it could also be used to trigger man-made earthquakes in enemy territory. Shortly after, Steve learns that a notorious enemy agent, codenamed the Falcon, has arrived in the U.S. along with his girlfriend. Steve decides that the Falcon must be tracked down before he can complete his mission, whatever it is.

The Falcon meanwhile, disguised as an army cook, has gotten access to the laboratory of Prof. Warren. After his attempts to buy the Pluto File secrets fail, the Falcon takes them by force, overpowering both the Professor and a guard. Steve, and General Blankenship arrive on the scene long after the attacker has fled, but they soon learn that the Falcon's girlfriend is in hospital with bubonic plague. When the guard contracts the same illness Steve and Diana suspect the Falcon is the carrier. Diana waits by the Professor's hospital bed so she can question him when he wakes, but unknown to her the Falcon now plans to kill the Professor. Spotting the Falcon on the rooftop of a building opposite, Diana spins into Wonder Woman just in time to deflect the sniper's bullet coming through the window. The Falcon vanishes before she can catch him.

The Falcon plans to create a man-made earthquake close to Washington DC, and has secretly recruited a member of Professor Warren's team, Charles Benson, to help him, plus an explosives expert. Warren has meanwhile returned to work, showing no signs of the plague. But when Steve and Diana visit his lab to question him they notice that the Professor's assistant Benson is showing early signs of the sickness. When they deduce that Benson must be in league with the Falcon, he tries to escape. Finding a quiet spot outside, Diana changes to Wonder Woman and succeeds in catching Benson with her lasso.

Steve and Diana are able to track the Falcon by following the trail of plague victims he is unknowingly leaving behind him. They realise he is heading for a small town not far from the Capital, and close to a top secret base housing a prototype nuclear reactor. Diana, Steve and General Blankenship visit the reactor, and are told it will take 24 hours to shutdown. Realising even a small earthquake would cause enormous destruction, Diana makes an excuse to leave and finds a secluded spot in the grounds of the base to change into her superhero identity.

The Falcon triggers the explosions needed to start the earthquake, but it will take a few hours before the quake will begin. Wonder Woman heads towards the Professor's lab to try to figure out a way of making the reactor safe. But the Falcon and his henchman are also on the way to the lab, to stop the Professor. Just as the Professor finds a way to prevent the reactor from exploding during the quake, The Falcon enters the lab, and holds him at gun point. After catching The Falcon's henchman, Wonder Woman overpowers the Falcon, who is now finally starting to feel the effects of the plague he has been carrying for weeks.

Formula 407

Ft. Frazier Ordnance Testing Facility, August 1942: General Blankenship has invited Steve, Etta and Diana to witness tests on a new formula which makes rubber as indestructible as steel. But the scientist who has created the formula, Professor Moreno, is a citizen of neutral Argentina. As Diana can speak fluent Spanish, she must accompany Steve to collect the formula from Buenos Aires. But the Nazis have heard about the formula, and plan to steal it for use on their vehicle tires.

Steve and Diana arrive in Argentina. As Steve, Diana, and the American Ambassador drive out to the remote embassy they are run off the road by Nazi agents who plan to kill them. The car occupants are ordered at gun point to a secluded spot where they will be killed, but luckily the agents leave Diana behind to care for the dazed driver. Running from the car, a small ridge provides the privacy she needs to become Wonder Woman, and rescue Steve and the Ambassador.

Later, Steve and Diana attend a dinner at Professor Moreno's home, complete with full evening dress. They are introduced to his daughter Lydia, his assistant Maria, and her future husband Major Keller. After the dinner Keller takes a walk alone in the grounds of the house, and meets up with the Nazi agents who he is secretly in command of. Keller wants not only to steal the formula, but kidnap Steve Trevor. Steve leaves the party with Lydia to walk in the grounds, meanwhile Diana is having trouble with a dinner guest who has a crush on her and is determined to follow her around. When she witnesses through a window Steve and Lydia being attacked by the Nazis she must act quickly to loose her admirer so she can go into action as Wonder Woman. But the Nazis are ready for Wonder Woman, and use chloroform to knock her out as she attempts to rescue Steve.

Steve awakes some time later to find himself in a wine cellar with an unconscious Wonder Woman. After waking her, Steve tricks the guards outside into entering the room, and Wonder Woman disables them. Meanwhile Keller has revealed his true identity to Prof. Moreno, and threatens his daughter's safety if he does not hand over the formula details within an hour. After Keller leaves, Wonder Woman and Steve arrive. They promise the Professor they will find his daughter before Keller can harm her. Wonder Woman questions Maria about Keller, hoping for a clue to where Lydia is being held.

Keller returns to collect the formula, and Steve tries to prevent him from leaving the house, but fails and is captured. Wonder Woman sees Keller leaving and captures the Nazi agent left behind to kill the remaining occupants of the house. Using her lasso she discovers the agent's plan to leave via a submarine. Racing to the beach, she is just in time to save Lydia held captive in a small wooden hut. As Steve battles with Keller in the sand, Wonder Woman plays catch with some grenades thrown by the submarine occupants. As the submarine retreats, Steve finally defeats Keller.

Wonder Woman in Hollywood

Steve Trevor, General Blankenship, Etta and Diana meet up with a Hollywood movie producer who wants to make a moral-boosting film showing re-enactments of real life war bravery, and featuring the real heroes themselves. Steve has been picked to play himself in a recreation of one of his air battles. Steve chooses Diana to accompany him. Meanwhile, on Paradise Island, the Queen is planning a festival, and Drusilla suggests that Diana should return home to take part. Agreeing, the Queen sends Dru to Hollywood with a message for Diana.

Steve is in a plane cockpit mock-up filming a scene for the movie when Diana notices one of the lighting stands is about to give way. A quick twirl and Wonder Woman is on hand to fix things, changing back to Diana Prince before anyone has noticed. Later during filming Diana is introduced to Corporal Jim Ames, another one of the four heroes picked for the film. At Steve's request, Diana leaves the soundstage to fetch some coffee, and spots Ames admiring the large outdoor studio sets. As she waves to him, Drusilla appears, but their greetings are short lived as a car appears seemingly from nowhere and it's occupants seem intent on kidnapping the Corporal. Ducking into an alleyway, Diana spins into Wonder Woman and the attackers are forced to beat a retreat.

That night Diana, Drusilla, Steve and Jim attend a party for the brand new film stars, but during the festivities one of them, a Lt. Rand, is kidnapped. It seems the movie's producer is secretly a Nazi agent who wants the four war heroes to stand trial in Germany for war crimes against the Nazis, as a publicity stunt to boost German moral and humiliate the Allies.

The next day, Drusilla joins Jim Ames at a coffee bar, but while she leaves to phone Diana, Jim runs into problems with a couple of loud-mouth trouble makers. Upon seeing the situation, Dru slips back out of sight so she can twirl into Wonder Girl and deal with the men. Back at the studio, Steve and Diana are alarmed when another of the heroes vanishes during filming. Later, Dru discovers that Corporal Ames isn't infact a war hero, but a coward who 'accidentally' captured 12 Nazi soldiers. Ames is called back to the studio, but while returning there with Steve Trevor the two are stopped by Nazi agents. Steve overpowers them, but surprisingly Ames produces a gun and takes Steve captive.

Meanwhile Dru has returned to the studio, and Diana is suspicious as to why Steve and Jim Ames have not returned. Steve and Ames are now captive on a Nazi u-boat, and it seems Ames believes his parents are being held by the Nazis, hence his betrayal. Unknown to the pair, the u-boat cabin is really a studio mock-up. Diana tracks down the director's girlfriend, who was seen with Lt. Rand prior to him vanishing, and spins into Wonder Woman to pay her a visit. Using her lasso she learns that the director has a storage hold on a soundstage near the filming lot. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl visit the hold and discover the u-boat mock-up, but by now the four heroes have gone, so the duo decided to pay a visit to the director's house.

Finding both the four heroes and Ames' parents, the duo soon overcome the Nazi hencemen. But when Wonder Woman confronts the director, she is rewarded with a bullet in the arm, a situation which causes Ames to show his bravery and help defeat the director. However, when alone with Drusilla Wonder Woman reveals she was only pretending to be hurt to give Ames a chance to prove himself.

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