Wonder Woman #12

[Comic Cover Image]

This is the cover from Wonder Woman #12 another three story series where WW matches her wits with "The Third World War Promoters" who are European munitions manufactures and their female spies who are determined to bring about a third World War. But early on in the story WW captures them and sends them to Venus for imprisonment. The Venus Girdles of Magnetic Gold are used on them placing them into a peaceful and submissive life on Venus. They manage to escape and capture the Queen of Venus and starts the battle again where WW is captured. In the end she escapes and captures the villains. 

[Comic page Image]

Here is page 11b the last page in the second story where WW has been captured by Velma one of the The Third World War Promoters female spies. WW manages to escape before they are burned at the stake.

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