Sensation Comics #27

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This issue is the November, 1943 issue called "The Fun Foundation". Wonder Woman uses chemicals obtained from Paradise Island to manufacture a special fuel tablets which when added to water, produce a high octane fuel for automobile engines. The money raised by selling the tablets go to sponsor Wonder Woman's Fun Foundation. But Mr Ely Close attempts to steal the secret fuel formula from Wonder Woman. Of course Wonder Woman with the help the Etta Candy and Paula Von Gunther captures Mr Close in the end. 

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Here is page 9 where Mr Close try's to learn where the secret formula is kept from Althea and learns that Wonder Woman has given the formula to Paula Von Gunther. He send's his men to capturing Paula Von Gunther, but finds that she has moved the hiding place.

Note: This comics pages are getting old and brown so the brownish color is the real color of the comic page.

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