Sensation Comics #22

[Sensation Comics #22 Cover]

This issue is the October, 1943 issue called "The Secret Submarine" where Wonder Woman meets the Cheetah again. The Navy commissions a new submarine called Wonder Woman which has a new secret weapon to sink Axis ships. But the Cheetah steals it first to get her revenge on WW. The Holiday Girls and WW get captured trying to recover the submarine, but WW escapes and captures the Cheetah and sends her to Reform Island.

[Sensation Comics #22 Page 11]

Here is page 4 where the Cheetah, or is it since Diana is on the phone with Priscilla Rich who is the Cheetah. Who tries to kill Major Trevor. But she get's into a fight with Diana who has the Cheetah in a mighty amazon grip but is forced to let the Cheetah free when her glasses are knocked off fearing that Steve may see that she is Wonder Woman.

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