The Original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costume from the CBS series

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New for the Azarian Collection, Lynda Carters Wonder Woman Aquanaut costume.
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John M. Azarian, the curator and founder of The Azarian Collection has amassed a large collection of original props, costumes, wardrobe, memorabilia and ephemera, primarily from 1960's tv productions.  His collection boasts the LARGEST collection of "Lost in Space" (tv) items IN THE WORLD, and he also has many other unique, one of a kind iconic costumes and props.  Many items are viewable on the World Wide Web at the following sites:

The LARGEST collection of "Lost In Space" original, set used wardrobe in the WORLD, from the 1960's tv show, viewable at:

"Logan's Run" original wardrobe and prop items viewable at: 

"Batman" tv items viewable at:

They include the only COMPLETE and ORIGINAL Batman and Robin costumes in the world, Stafford Repp's Chief O'Hara costume (acquired directly from his family), Julie Newmar's Catwoman costume, Joker costume, Mr. Freeze costume, Batgirl walkie talkie, and more.        

In addition to the above, the Azarian Collection also includes:    

Many original Star Trek (the original series--1960's) costumes and props, such as:

From The Cage, a  hand laser (the extremely rare extendable barrel variant);    

From the popular episode "Mirror, Mirror": Captain Kirk's, Mr. Spock's, Lt. Uhura's and Sulu's costumes;    

Scotty's formal tunic, Scotty's (standard) tunic, Checkov's tunic, Kirk's (rare) green wraparound tunic, Kirk's formal tunic, and more;    

DeForest Kelley's short sleeved tunic with matching pants;    

Numerous hand props including a science tricorder, communicator, rare white handle phaser (only used in the first 4 episodes of the series), grey phaser, Klingon disruptor, etc.    

From Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Kirk's Admiral tunic;    

From Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, a Federation phaser;    

Classic items from many other tv shows and movies.  Some highlights include    

Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooners" bus driver's jacket    

From "I Dream of Jeannie"    

the VERY RARE Barbara Eden's classic, trademark COMPLETE pink Jeannie costume, Mjr. Nelson silver space suit with space helmet from the pilot episode,    

Mjr. Nelson pilot jumpsuit complete with his nametag and Healey/Wingate/Nelson patch,  

Mjr. Nelson fight robe with "Tiger Nelson" embroidered on the reverse;    

Arnold Schwarzenneger's "T2" bullet-ridden leather biker's jacket, t-shirt and pants;    

Elizabeth Montgomery's personal rhinestone pave heart necklace worn in almost every episode of "Bewitched";    

Shoe phone, triple barrel gun (originally on display at Planet Hollywood), secret agent communication umbrella, and other props from "Get Smart";    

Gilligan's trademark white hat  and the Skipper's hat from "Gilligan's Island",    

as well as items from "Laverne & Shirley", "Happy Days", "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", "Zorro" (1950's), and much more including more than 300 original scripts from tv shows from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  

The Azarian Collection has been displayed at various promotional and press events, and John M. Azarian has appeared as a Hollywood Memorabilia and auction expert on "Personal F/X". In fact, New Line Cinema, in connection with promotions related to the recent "Lost in Space" movie, displayed a large portion of the Azarian Collection at various press events.  The Azarian Collection was also featured at the California State Fair and Exposition in Sacramento, California.  The Azarian Collection's Wonder Woman costume and a script were featured in the DC Comics hardcover historical perspective Wonder Woman:  The Complete History.  John M. Azarian has been invited to appear on several upcoming shows and he is in the process of scheduling future appearances.

John M. Azarian